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Dongguan City Dongxin Machine Co., Ltd. is a company that equipped with the whole facility for producing the screw bat of feed hopper in Guangdong Province. Dongxin is specialized in manufacturing and sales for the core components for plastic injection machine, extrusion machine etc. rubber and plastic products forming equipments. The components include feed hopper and screw. It is serves to kinds of plastic injection, plastic extrusion manufacturers. According to every customer's products requirements, Dongxin provide the specific screw design, material selection, technical guide and services.

Dongxin has strong technical team, own both domestic and oversea advanced know-how and equipment. It has alloy inside hole centrifugal casting equipment, alloy screw PAT spray welding equipment, screw processing center, deep hole drilling machine, large sized inner bore grinding equipment, large sized inner bore boring equipment, large sized outside diameter grinding equipment, nitriding furnace which controlled by computer, multi-functional even temperature hardening furnace etc. professional processing equipment.

With the spirit of " run every day, no matter thousand and million meters; do frequently, no matter a lot of works", Dongxin's can produce plastic injection screw bat of feed hopper from 5 to 4500tons, plastic extrusion screwbat of feed hopper from Ф15toФ350. Achieved with accuracy, fast,bestquality production lines, with more than ten yearsdevelopment,Donagxin's product severs to Plastic injectionmanufacturers, rubber and plastic extrusion manufacturers, auto accessories manufacturers, plastic injection and ceramics manufacturers, electrical household appliances manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, semi conductor manufacturers, connector manufacturers, optical and diffusion board manufacturers, plastic pipe and plastic profile manufacturers, raw material pellet processing manufacturers, plastic blowing manufacturers etc.