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Dongxing groups to screw design of a high standard of strict process, a rigorous factory testing and perfect after-sales service for customers in a timely manner to solve injection molding, plastics extrusion molding problems encountered, and large feed tube, screwlever renovation and maintenance, provide a complete solution. The Dongxing groups not just your logistics worry and more confidence.

Pre-sales service: 
Establishment of the service hotline and accept the orders upon customer special requirement (sample and technology). 
In-sales service: 
Provide product transportation, commissioning, and operation and maintenance trainings. 
After-sales service: 
Establishment of 24 hours service hotline to facilitate elimination of the trouble and settlement of the problem! 

Special offers:
Various screws for PC, PA, POMM screw extruder 
Various screws for co-extruder, PVC, PU, PA, PE and low-smoke & non-poison plastic extruder 
Various screws for waster material (PE,POMM,PP,PVC)recycling machine 
Various screws for extruder and waster material recycling machine