Injection molding machine barrel-DX-KH grade alloy barrel

Injection molding machine barrel-DX-KH grade alloy barrel
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To meet the needs of the end user, reduce the cost of enterprise, the company adopts imported super high quality alloy powder, through high temperature baking centrifugal casting, metallurgy with fine advanced technology, developed high density, super and abrasion resistance, corrosion resistant alloy super feed tube, for end users to solve the special high-end engineering plastic in the production process of feed tube all problems. 

Alloy ingredients: *****
Alloy hardness: HRC65 ° ~ HRC70 ° 
Alloy layer thickness: 1.5 mm to 3.0 mm 
Processing range: Ф 15 mm ~ Ф 250 mm 
The effective length: 5000 mm 
Use range: applicable to add 40% glass fiber, limestone, magnetic powder, iron powder, fire prevention agent, modification agent, non-halogen environmental protection, high temperature, high abrasion, strong corrosion of special high-end engineering plastic.